Volume 95 Issue 3


Introduction to the Symposium on Sanctuary Cities:?A?Brief Review of the Legal Landscape?
by Andrew Moore

Using a Case-Progression Approach to Mapping Learning Outcomes and Developing Assessments
by Jeanette Buttrey, Laura Dannebohm, Vickie Eggers, Joni Larson, Mable Martin-Scott & Kimberly E. O’Leary

The Rubric Meets the Road in Law Schools: Program Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes as a Fundamental Way for Law Schools to Improve and Fulfill Their Respective Missions
by Marie Summerlin Hamm, Benjamin V. Madison, III & Ryan P. Murnane

Can We Talk? Organizing Program Level Assessment to Foster Dialog About Student Learning
by Docia L. Rudley

Suppose the Class Began the Day the Case Walked in the Door: Accepting Standard 314’s Invitation to Imagine a More Powerful, Professionally Authentic First-Year Learning Experience
by Jennifer E. Spreng