Volume 94 Issue 3

Volume 94 Issue 3

—?Summer 2017?—

This volume is dedicated to our Impact of Formative Assessment Symposium?which was held on March 3,? 2017.? The?Symposium contemplated how the American Bar Association’s emphasis on outcome?measures in its revised Standards for Approval will affect law students’ educational experience.


Formative Assessments: A Law School Case Study
by Ruth Colker, Ellen Deason, Deborah Merritt, Abigail Shoben & Month Smith

Should You Bother Reaching Out? Performance Effects of Early Direct Outreach to Low-Performing Students
by David M. Siegel

Formative Peer Review: Promoting Interactive, Reflective Learning, or the Blind Leading the Blind?
by Andrew Noble


Vacating an Arbitration Award in Federal Court: The Jurisdictional Issues of the “Look Through” Approach and Arbitrators Violating Securities SRO Regulations
by Kory Steen