Volume 94 Issue 1

Volume 94 Issue 1

—Winter 2017—


Reconceptualizing “For Public Use” in the Aftermath of?Horne v. Department of Agriculture
by Joshua Brian Lanphear

Leadership in Online “Non-Traditional” Legal Education: Lessons Learned & Questions Raised?
by Lawrence E. Singer


The Fourth Amendment Shall Prevail, Come Heller?High Water
by Nadia Maraachli

Same-sex Adoption in the Wake of Obergefell: How Recent Michigan Legislation Runs Counter to the First Amendment Rights of Prospective Adoptive Parents?
by Sandra L. Simpson

How to Slay the Hydra: Adopting Charles Alan Wright’s “The Law of Remedies as a Social Institution” as a Framework for Preventing Data Breaches?
by Tanya Murray

Flying Through the Loopholes: The Need for Drone Legislation in Michigan?
by Ryan J. VanOver