Volume 93 Issue 3

McElroy Lecture

How to Think About Religious Freedom in an Egalitarian Age

by Nelson Tebbe

Comment on the McElroy Lecture

Greenawalt and the Place of Religion: Comment on the McElroy Lecture, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, March 16, 2016

by Andrew Koppelman


A Contextual Understanding of the Phrase “Serious Impairment of Body Function”

by Christian C. Huffman

The Current State of Successor Liability in Michigan and Why the Michigan Supreme Court’s Clarification is Necessary

by Alex M. Petrik


The “Vergholz?Barbers”: The Hate Crimes Prevention Act Is Unconstitutional as Exceeding Congress’s Power Under the Commerce Clause

by Steven R. Eatherly


In Defense of Creationists: Evolution and the Disestablishment of Biblical Literalism

by Jonathan R. Freshour

The All-Seeing Eye in the Sky: Drone Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment

by Nina Gavrilovic