Volume 91 Issue 3

Volume 91 Issue 3

— Fall 2014 —


Green Thumbs in the City: Incentivizing Urban Agriculture on Unoccupied Detroit Public School District Land
by?Lynn Bartkowiak Scholander

Why Urban Agriculture can be Controversial: Exploring the Cultural Association of Urban Agriculture with Backwardness, Race, Gender, and Poverty
by Jaime Bouvier

Urban Food Corridors: Cultivating Sustainable Cities
by Becky L. Jacobs

From Vacant Lots to Full Pantries: Urban Agriculture Programs and the American City?
by Jessica Owley & Tonya Lewis

Community-Based Urban Agriculture as Affirmative Environmental Justice?
by Anastasia Telesetsky

Distressed Cities and Urban Farming: Are We Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill?
by Peter Wendell

Medieval Roots, Modern Fruits: Transforming Privately-Owned Abandoned Properties into Community Spaces
by Becky Lundberg Witt,?Esq.?


Cultivating Capital: A Look at the Issues Affecting Urban Farms as a Business and?How New Innovative Policy Changes at the Federal and State Level Will Impact the Financial Sustainability of Urban Farms?
by William Semaan

Take a Walk Through the Cities’ Gardens: Comparing Detroit’s New Urban Agriculture Zoning Ordinance to Others of its Kind
by?Chelsea Smialek