Volume 90 Issue 2

Volume 90 Issue 2

— Winter 2013 —


Expansion of the?Katz?Reasonable Expectation of Privacy Test Is Necessary to Perpetuate a Majoritarian View of the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in Electronic Communications to Third Parties?
by?Samantha Arrington


A Civil Prison?— Fear or Reason? Unbiased Reform of Involuntary Commitment Proceedings for Non-Criminals Admitted into Mental Facilities?
by Renee Gruber

Pay-if-Paid Clauses: A Note Demonstrating the Effect of Contingent Payment Clauses as a Clear Violation of the Michigan Construction Lien Act?
by?Nicole M. Simone


Why the Michigan Supreme Court in Saurman?was Wrong to Grant MERS the Authority to Foreclose by Advertisement in Michigan
by?Lawrence J. Opalewski,?Jr.