Volume 90 Issue 1

Volume 90 Issue 1

— Fall 2012 —


Protecting the Crowd and Raising Capital Through CROWDFUND Act?
by?Andrew C. Fink

The Questionable Effect of Informal and Instantaneous Electronic Communications on the Validity of “No Oral Modification” Clauses: Are Texts, Tweets, and Email Destroying the Sanctity of Contract Law?
by Diana Ovsepian


Some Thoughts for Animal Lovers (and First Amendment Afficionados) in the Wake of?U.S. v. Stevens?
by?Jessica Bond

The Death Penalty for Mentally Ill Offenders:?Atkins, Roper, and Mitigation Factors to Militate Against Categorical Exemption?
by?Joseph Hess

The New Frontier of Healthcare: Accountable Care Organizations & the Changing Interplay Among Quality, Cost and Peer Review?
by?John F. Price III

Widening the Gap Between Rich and Poor: Issues and Recommendations for the Implementation of Michigan’s Medicaid Estate Recovery Law?
by Alexandra Smith