Volume 89 Issue 1

Volume 89 Issue 1

—?Fall 2011 —


Adverse Possession, Takings, and the State
by William C. Marra

Title II and High School Athletics Age Limits: Individualized Assessments for Student-Athletes with Disabilities After?PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin
by Jeffrey Mongiello


Eminent Domain: Detroit’s Struggle to Downsize?
by Peter J. Domas

Taking a Heavy Toll: The Constitutional Implications of Prohibiting Equitable Tolling in Cases of Actual Innocence?
by Anthony Roby


Getting into the Hot Tub: How the United States Could Benefit from Australia’s Concept of “Hot Tubbing” Expert Witnesses
by Elizabeth Reifert

Miranda?Version 2.0: Upgrading American Criminal Procedure by Utilizing a Two-Fold Approach to Facilitating the Electronic Recording of Custodial Interrogations?
by Stephen E. Saguta