Volume 88 Issue 4

Volume 88 Issue 4

—?Summer 2011 —

This volume is dedicated to our Symposium celebrating the anniversary of Justice Thomas’s twenty years on the Supreme Court.


The Next Constitutional Revolution?
by Richard Albert

The Loudness of Justice Thomas?
by J. Richard Broughton

Justice Thomas, Race, and the Constitution Through the Lens of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois
by Jonathan L. Entin

Clarence Thomas’s Originalist Understanding of the Interstate, Negative, and Indian Commerce Clauses
by Ralph A. Rossum

Rights Behind Bars: The Distinctive Viewpoint of Justice Clarence Thomas?
by Christopher E. Smith

The Most Faithful Originalist?: Justice Thomas, Justice Scalia, and the Future of Originalism?
by Lee J. Strang

Limiting Judges: Placing Limits on Judges’ Power in Hard-look Review?
by Toby Coleman