Volume 88 Issue 3

Volume 88 Issue 3

—?Spring 2011 —

McElroy Lecture

Sex, Atheism, and the Free Exercise of Religion?
by Douglas Laycock


The Last Common Law Justice: The Personal Jurisdiction Jurisprudence of Justice John Paul Stevens?
by Roger D. Citron

Ancient Laws, Yet Strangely Modern: Biblical Contract and Tort Jurisprudence?
by Richard H. Hiers

PROCEDAMUS IN PACE: Serving Justice: RLUIPA Resonates the Teachings of?Dignitatis Humanae, and the Third Circuit’s “Substantial Burden” Test Provides a Thorough, Fair Inquiry into a Prisoner’s Religious Exercise?
by Victor N. Metallo

After Review: An Open Letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Suggesting that Limiting the League’s Disciplinary Power Under the Personal Conduct Policy May Be in the League’s Best Interests
by Logan O’Shaughnessy


Student Athletes and the Deprivation of Rights of Privacy and Publicity – Are Fantasy Sports Leagues Infringing Upon the Rights of College Athletes? If so, What Consitutes a Viable Solution?
by Leah M. Chamberlin

Michigan’s Wine Shipping Restrictions: A ?Valid Use of Twenty-first Amendment Control or Slight of Hand Legislation Discriminating Against the Free Market?
by Todd Shepard


Steering Clear of the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine: Placing the Burden Where It Belongs?
by Daniel Hegner

Creating Property Rights out of Whole Cloth: Judicial Activists Beware, Section 560.221 of the Michigan Land Division Act is not a License to Create Otherwise Non-Existent Property Rights?
by Adam M. Wenner