Volume 88 Issue 2

Volume 88 Issue 2

— Winter 2010 —


A Loss for Words: “Religion” in the First Amendment?
by Mason Blake Binkley

Cyberharassment, Sexting and Other High-Tech Offenses Involving Michigan Residents – Are We Victims or Criminals?
by Patrick E. Corbett

You Can’t Say That, Or Maybe You Can: An Analysis of Michigan Prosecutor Closing Argument Law?
by Anthony Flores

Protecting Statements in Catholic Tribunal Proceedings Under the Priest-Pentitent Privilege:?Cimijotti v. Paulsen?Considered?
by Chad G. Marzen


Considering the Totality of the Circumstances for Asylum Applicants: Why the Bars to Asylum are in Desperate Need of Reform?
by Kyle Michael Butler

Looking for the Best Interests of the Child in Custody Disputes Between a Natural Parent and a Third Party in Michigan?
by William Link


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Efforts of the Mentally Ill to Achieve Equal and Adequate Health Coverage?
by Amanda Clark

United States Farm Bill —?An Antiquated Policy?
by Sarah Harwood