Volume 88 Issue 1

Volume 88 Issue 1

—?Fall 2010 —


Unraveling International Jurisdictional Issues on the World Wide Web
by Derek J. Illar, Esq.?

The Openness of the Commercial Free Speech Test and the Value of Self-Realization?
by R. George Wright


Piercing the Veil of Secrecy: The Impact of the Child Protection Law on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse?
by Lisa Koverbo


Pleasant Grove City v. Summum: How Establishment Clause Principles Help Define the Government Speech Doctrine?
by James Bernstein

An Extreme Makeover: Why Michigan’s Judicial Recusal Standards Needed Reconstruction and Why More Work Remains to Be Done?
by Aaron D. Hanke

The “Making Available” Theory and the Future of P2P Networks: Does Merely Making Files Available for Further Distribution Constitute Copyright Infringement, and is it Time for Congress to Act in Accordance with this Technology?
by Andrew James McGarrow