Volume 87 Issue 4

Volume 87 Issue 4

—?Summer 2010 —

This volume is dedicated to our Symposium on The Future of Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance.

McElroy Lecture

Natural Rights, Popular Sovereignty, and Covenant Politics: Johannes Althusius and the Dutch Revolt and Republic
by John Witte, Jr.


The Fall, Rise, and Uncertain Future of the No-Fault Act’s One-Year-Back Limitation on Recovery of Benefits
by James G. Gross

The Foundations and Enactment of Michigan Automobile No-Fault Insurance
by James T. Mellon & David A. Kowalski

Let’s Get Serious: A View of the Serious Impairment Threshold from a Defense Prospective
by Daniel R. Siefer, esq. & Mary T. Nemeth, esq.


United States Fidelity Insurance & Guaranty Co. v. Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association: Oh Ye State Legislature, Hear the Cries of Michigan Motorists; The State Supreme Court Adds to the List of No-Fault Areas in Need of Reform!
by Shaun Springer