Volume 87 Issue 3

Volume 87 Issue 3

— Spring 2010 —


Recurring Concerns in Arbitration Proceedings: Examining the Contours of Arbitral Subpoenas Issued to Nonparty Witnesses
by Danielle C. Beasley

Dormant Commerce Clause Challenges to the Michigan Business Tax
by Christopher J. Enge

Warrantless Entries and Searches Under Exigent Circumstances: Why Are They Justified and What Types of Circumstances Are Considered Exigent?
by John Mark Huff

Selling Ourselves into Slavery: An Originalist Defense of Tacit Substantive Limits to the Article V Amendment Process and the Double-Entendre of Unalienable
by Landon W. Magnusson

Citizens United, Austin, and the Unconstitutionality of MCL Section 169.254(1)
by Hon. Daniel P. Ryan


Should the Orphans Be Released?
by Melissa A. Stamkos


Scott’s Guardian: A Critical Analysis of Departure Sentences in Michigan After People v. Smith
by Patrick Lannen

Locking the Backdoor: Revised MRE 703 and Its Realized Impact on Bases of Expert Testimony
by Laura F. Levine

Haven’t Women Obtained Equality? An Analysis of the Constitutionality of Dower in Michigan
by Joslyn R. Muller