Volume 87 Issue 2

Volume 87 Issue 2

— Winter 2010 —


A Felon Deliberates: Policy Implications of the Michigan Supreme Court’s Holding in People v. Miller
by James M. Binnall

The “Seller-friendly” Approach to MAC Clause Analysis Should Be Replaced by a “Reality-friendly” Approach
by Molly Brooks

Arizona v.?Gant:?The Supreme Court Gets It Right (Almost)
by Michael Goodin

Redirecting the Scope of First-Year Writing Courses: Toward a New Paradigm of Teaching Legal Writing
by Soma R. Kedia

An Alternative Justification for the Perjury Trap Defense
by Jon Reidy, Michael J. Stephan, Shane Pennington, Guha Krishnamurthi

Shareholder Bylaw Proposals, Delaware Certification, and the SEC After CA, Inc. v. AFSCME Employees Pension Plan
by Matthew F. Sullivan


Connecticut’s Class Divide: Sexual Orientation as a Quasi-Suspect Class
by Renee T. Hindo

Dean v. Utica Community Schools: A Significant Victory for the Student Press Community and a Potential Guiding Force?to the Reexamination of the Hazelwood Holding?
by Sara Prose


The Sexual Predator’s Scarlet Letter Under the Federal Rules of Evidence 413, 414, and 415: The Moral Implication of the Stigma Created and the Attempt to Balance by Weighing for Prejudice
by Jennifer Dukarski

Dressing for Work Is Work: Compensating Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act for Donning and Doffing Protective Gear
by James Watts