Volume 86 Issue 3

Volume 86 Issue 3

— Spring 2009 —


Market Dynamics in Corporate Tort Externalization: The Hidden Assumption of Corporate Social Efficiency
by James M. Binnall

The Defense Base Act: An Outdated Law and its Current Implications?
by Greta S. Milligan

Misconception of the Will as Linguistic Behavior and Misperception of the Testator’s Intention: The Class Gift Doctrine
by Frederic S. Schwartz


Direct Government Grants to Churches for Fa?ade Improvements: The Fall of the Wall of Separation?
by Danielle Asaad

Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo: The International Criminal Court as it Brings its First Case to Trial?
by Alicia Mazurek

A Second Chance: Michigan’s Progressive Shift in Social Policy to Rehabilitate its Mentally Ill and Juvenile Defendants
by Corey J. Sacca


Voter Identification Laws: The Past, the Present, and the Unpredictable Future
by Sara N. D’Agostini