Volume 85 Issue 3

Volume 85 Issue 3

— Spring 2008 —


The Elephant in Law School Classrooms: Overuse of the Socratic Method as an Obstacles to Teaching Modern Law Students?
by Benjamin V. Madison III

Local Governance and Pandemics: Lessons from the 1918 Flu?
by Jason Marisam

Bidding for Justice: A Case Study about the Effect of Campaign Contributions on Judicial Decision-Making
by Aman McLeod


Too Far or Not Far Enough?: Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2006-6 and Its Impact on Asbestos Litigation in Michigan ?
by Matthew L. Cooper

Bridging the?Gap Between Theory and Practice: Why are Students Falling Off the Bridge and What are Law Schools Doing to Catch Them?
by Jessica Dopierala

A Prescription for Trouble: A Look at Why Michigan Can’t Afford to Pierce the Pharmaceutical Veil?
by Ziyad I. Hermiz