Volume 85 Issue 2

Volume 85 Issue 2

— Winter 2008 —


Race and the American Criminal Justice System: Three Arguments About Criminal Law, Social Science, and Criminal Procedure?
by Harvey Gee

Detention for the Purpose of Interrogation as Modern “Torture”
by Rinat Kitai-Sangero

The Confrontation Clause After?Crawford v. Washington: Clarifying the Meaning of Testimonial Statements in Criminal Trials?
by Thomas J. Walsh


Medical Miracle or Unnecessary Exercise? ?The Legal Implications of Mandatory Childhood Vaccination for HPV
by Katherine A. Fortune

Stemming the Tide of Research and Constitutional Challenges: Embryonic Stem Cell Legislation
by Meredith Mullins

Inoperable Yet Harmful: How the Michigan Supreme Court Decision of?People v. Peals?Removed the Operability Requirement from the Definition of a Firearm Against the Intent of the Legislature?
by Dalit Oren


The Veiled Truth: Can the Credibility of Testimony Given by a Niqab-Wearing Witness be Judged Without the Assistance of Facial Expressions?
by Aaron J. Williams