Volume 84 Issue 5

Volume 84 Issue 5

— Summer 2007 —

McElroy Lecture

Law, Islam, and the Future of the Middle East?
by Noah Feldman


Change and Authority in Islamic Law: The Islamic Law of Inheritance in Modern Muslim States?
by Yasir Billoo

Sexual Morality: An Analysis of Dominance Feminism, Christian Theology, and the First Amendment
by Jeffrey M. Bryan

The Influence of Catholicism, Islam and Judaism on the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (“ART”) Bioethical and Legal Debate: A Comparative Survey of ART in Italy, Egypt and Israel?
by Mary Rodgers Bundren

Qatar: The Pearl of the Middle East and Its Role in the Advancement of Women’s Rights
by Michael B. Dye

The French Headscarf Law and the Right to Manifest Religious Belief?
by Mukul Saxena