Volume 84 Issue 4

Volume 84 Issue 4

— Summer 2007 —


Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa? On Your Jury, Ha, Ha, Ha! ?A Constitutional Analysis of Implied Bias Challenges for Cause
by William P. Barnette

The Supreme Court and the Future of Marriage?
by Stephen L. Mikochick


Don’t Fence Me Out: What Are the Rights and Responsibilities of the Public and Riparian Landowners After Glass v. Goeckel?
by Jonathan Burleigh


Coping with the Specter of Urban Malaise in a Postmodern Landscape: The Need for a Detroit Land Bank Authority?
by Thomas Gunton

The Federal Circuit: During Its Quarter-Century Existence, It Has Increasingly Positioned Itself as the Last Word in Patent Litigation, at the Expense of Uniformity, Predicability and Cost. ?Will the “Super Juror” Learn from Its Mistakes??
by Francine Nesti

Lose the Distinction: Internet Bloggers and First Amendment Protection of Libel Defendants – Citizen Journalism and the Supreme Court’s Murky Jurisprudence Blur the Line Between Media and Non-Media Speakers?
by Nicole A. Stafford