Volume 84 Issue 2

Volume 84 Issue 2

— Winter 2007 —


Immigration Control: A Catholic Dilemma?
by March Carter Stith

Precedent and Procedural Due Process: Policymaking in the Federal Courts?
by Sarah A. Maguire


The Twenty-first Amendment Accommodates the Dormant Commerce Clause: Did the Supreme Court Awaken a Sleeping Giant with Its Decision in Granholm v.?Heald??
by Michael A. Chichester, Jr.

Michigan’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment in Response to Kelo: Adequate Protection Against Eminent Domain Abuse or?False Hope to Private?Property Owners?
by Kenneth H. Hemler

Publicity Rights in Michigan: A Set of Considerations for Moving Right of Publicity Legislation to the Front of the Bus?
by Melodee Henderson

Exempting the Protection Out of Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act: A Call for Returning Consumer Protection to the Act?
by Scott Thomas O’Neal