Volume 83 Issue 4

Volume 83 Issue 4

— Summer 2006 —


Forum Non Conveniens: Another Look at Conditional Dismissals
by Julius Jurianto

Opening the Door: A Proposal for Increased Educational Choice in Detroit?
by Jason C. Seewer


The Good Faith Exception: “What is it Good For?” The Michigan Supreme Court Overturns Twenty Years of Precedent?Holding it Was Worth “Absolutely Nothing!”
by Aminie Woolworth


The Cart Before the Horse: Michigan Jumps the Gun in Jailing Deadbeat Dads
by Jennifer Goulah

On Whose Conscience? Patient Rights Disappear Under Broad Protective Measures Conscientious Objectors in Heath Care?
by Patricia L. Selby

Derivative Asylum Claims in the FGM Context: Protecting Family Unity and Women’s Rights in the New Millennium
by Molly Stark