Volume 83 Issue 3

Volume 83 Issue 3

— Spring 2006 —


Cross-Burning, Holocaust Denial, and the Development of Hate Speech Law in the United States and Germany?
by Robert A. Kahn

The Orthodoxy Opening Predicament: The Crumbling Wall of Separation Between Church and State
by Amit Patel


Muddying the Waters: The Effects of the?Cleveland Cliffs?Decision and the Future of the MEPA Citizen Suit
by Susan J. Mahoney


Charter Schools: Are For-Profit Companies Contracting for State Actor Status?
by Bradley T. French

Comparative and Non-Comparative Forensic Linguistic Analysis Techniques: Methodologies for Negotiating the Interface of Linguistics and Evidentiary Jurisprudence in the American Judiciary
by Blake Stephen Howald

Detroit’s Renaissance Zones: The Economics of Tax Incentives in Metropolitan Location Decisions, the Results of the Zones to Date, and Thoughts on the Future
by John T. Schuring